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    Regarding my post from the other day: this is probably a good time to mention that most of the characters in my 2015 fiction at Image Comics are in fact bisexual. Or, I mean, many.

    By the way — thanks for the amazing responses, it’s lovely to see the community (not just comics, but humans…

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  5. did you know the leader of fucking ISIS was in american custody for 10 goddamn months in 2004 and we let him go for no reason?

    did you know the leader of fucking ISIS was in american custody for 10 goddamn months in 2004 and we let him go for no reason?

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    lord freiza

    lord freiza

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    everyone has said and done problematic things in their lifetime. that’s a result of the society we live in, not necessarily a reflection of their character.

    what is a reflection of their character is how they react to being informed of the negativity within their behavior and statements, and whether or not they choose to change their behavior.

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    Shocking how much faster ad posts load on tumblr than the user posted stuff that built the site. Pretty disgusting!

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    When just 6 years old, his “neoliberal” son gave Zizek “his first spontaneous neoliberal lesson” attacking Zizek’s marxism.

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    I feel like an anarchist

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    There would be no cinema viewer finding pleasure in observing the screen if the very fundamental structure of subjectivity were not characterized by this impassive fascinated and perplexed gaze.
    — SLAVOJ ZIZEK, Contingency, Hegemony, Universality: (via alterities)
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    I nominate tony abbott to do The Ice Bucket Challenge with lava

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